About Tri-Blend Bakery Mixes

Incorporated in 1996, Tri-Blend Bakery Mixes Inc. is a dry blending company that specializes in bakery mixes such as cake, pastry and cookie mixes. Our company is based in Newmarket, Ontario and we service customers throughout Canada as well as overseas.

Tri-Blend Bakery Mixes Inc. is run by Doug Crone, a former baker, and Michel Anis, a food scientist. Our high-quality selection of products, combined with our experience, knowledge, hard work and commitment to customer service have made us what we are today. Our long and unique history in the baking industry puts us in a great position to create products with the end user in mind. We can customize our products to suit the specific needs of any commercial bakery and we work with bakers to provide flexibility and variety in our line of bakery mixes.

At Tri-Blend Bakery Mixes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the following principles:

  • We produce high quality bakery mixes at competitive prices that are easy-to-use and reliable.
  • We work closely with our customers and provide technical support whenever needed.
  • We strive to provide our customers with new and innovative products and solutions that consistently meet their needs.
  • We pull out all the stops to beat our competition in quality and price.

Our production model gives us the flexibility to do adaptable run sizes and to easily switch from one product to another. This means we can customize your order to your unique specifications quickly and easily. We are uniquely positioned in the market and our dedication to customer service helps us continuously satisfy our clients and stand out from the pack.

For more information on our company or for a product list, specification sheet, or a distributor in your area please contact us today.