CIFST Tradeshow 2015

Michel and Doug

Michel and Doug at CIFST Toronto

Doug and Michel attended the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology trade show in Toronto.








New! Pack Size

Tri-Blend has just purchased new equipment that will allow us to package all of our products in small consumer size bags. We will now be able to pack from as small as 200gm up to 5 Kg.  We use the popular plastic pouches that sit well on the store shelves and heat seal to lock in flavour and freshness.

Possibilities are endless, Promotional or Gift Basket Company? Why not add a 1 Kg bag of our premium pancake mix and add a small container of maple syrup, how Canadian is that!  Or how about a bag of our Oatmeal or Macaroon Cookie Mix.

You can customize a label to suit your needs or even supply us with your packaging if you prefer.

Do you have the product and need it co packed…we can help.